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Fast & Easy to Setup

ObitsUSA.com is specifically designed for publishers of community newspapers, shopper guides, and other free or paid community publications. We set up a site for you: yourpub.obitsusa.com and you determine how much you want to charge for each Obituary, how many photos are associated with them, maximum word count, and other settings. Then, you start granting access to Funeral Homes in your area. The Funeral Homes enter the obituaries into the system and they immediately show up on your site. Your database of obituaries can then be easily exported for print.
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Multiple Revenue Streams

Obituaries are one of the most popular and most read parts of any newspaper which makes them one of the most valuable places to advertise.

Besides charging for each obituary, you can sell sponsorships and banner ads on the top, right side, and bottom of your Obits site and immediately start profiting from this highly read content. These highly targeted ads are perfect for funeral homes, florists and other related businesses.
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An Affordable Alternative

Big daily newspapers from across the U.S. are charging more than ever for obituaries. They’re targeting one part of their business to make up for the lost revenue in other parts of their business. It’s not fair to the mourning families. They deserve an affordable alternative!

Why haven’t you done obituaries in the past? Feared that families would prefer the daily paper over you? Why? Your web site is DAILY, your paper doesn’t have to be…and with more and more “daily” publications moving to 4 days a week, you’re almost as daily as they are!

Tell your Funeral Homes that a new option is in town. And it’s CHEAP! They effortlessly load the obit info into your site via their own login, and the rest is automatic.
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Join Our National Network

There’s power in numbers. Be a part of the ObitsUSA.com national network specifically designed for community publications and shopper’s guides…where the readers are!

When the time is right, we’re going to activate National Search for you so that users on your site can view obits placed in other community publications just outside your region and even across the country if they want to. This is an optional feature, but our history of working with community newspapers & shopper guides for over 6 years means there’s a huge network of people just like you eager to share their info to claim our obituaries!